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OMG: Tasha Cobbs – Leonard Song, “Your Spirit” increased to 33 Millions Views On YouTube

Tasha Cobbs – Leonard Song, “Your Spirit” increased to 32 Million Views On YouTube

Congratulations to Tasha Cobbs as her popular single Video"Your Spirit Hits 33 Millions views on Youtube


This is what she said to celebrate this great achievement......

Tasha Cobbs"My Spiritual Father @williammurphyiii once told me “Tasha, Don’t try to kick the door down… wait for it to open”… He was telling me this as it pertained to my leading worship, but I received it for my LIFE! “Be not weary in well doing for in DUE season you shall reap if you faint not”….


The testimony behind this song is that I had removed it from the album because I felt that vocally it was a stretch for me. I was on a plane and Holy Spirit told me to pull out the demo and to take another listen. After listening in tears he told me to call my sister Kierra. I sent her the song, asked her to listen and then tell me her thoughts. She too felt that it was different for us both but would be a fun challenge! A few days later we gathered in the studio on the day of the recording… sang through it twice then recorded it live that same night. We’ve only sang it once together since the recording. (at the album release)… I’m normally pretty quiet on these things but I felt that I should share! (thanks @gospelartistent for the reminder) This song has never been marketed or promoted as a single. It is in the top 5 most streamed Gospel and Christian songs in history! I honestly wouldn’t know all the words if I had to sing it today 🤣🤣‼‼I said all that to say: Sometimes God just does things simply because he’s God. Don’t try to force his hand! Be still and wait! >>>>Thank you for your continued love and support throughout the years! I PRAY that my Journey is one that forever points you back to Jesus! #YourSpirit #heartpassionpursuit #HPP #TashaCobbs"

Gospletrender celebrate you too, Friends What do you have to say about this?

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