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Shola Alyson-The Truth About Marital Life-PART 1

Shola Alyson-The Truth About Marital Lifes-PART 1

The Veteran Gospel Singer Shola Alyson took her instagram page to advice both the single guys and ladies out there on truth about marital life..

She says......"Guys, fix yourself, a Woman is a help meet, not a miracle worker, don't burden her with your baggage. - Wilson Joel @musicmagnate 
I'm not the one that said it o, but you know I've been trying to say something like that... He also said some men are just boys with beards "biebie" and an account balance. It's not me o, but it's true sha.๐Ÿ˜Ž Furthermore, he admonished ladies to stop getting distracted by a container and that you should shake the container to be sure it has contents first!

I'm sha not the one that said it, but I believe his words.

One major thing that could cause you depression is in these statements above. Be wise. Shine the eyes of your heart!

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Guys, you have a lot of self building to do. Forget all the "It's a man's world" story o, it's neither a man's nor a woman's world, it is OUR world, so take it off your head that it's only the lady that'll need to work to make the home stand. You need to work on yourself too, even before you start that journey. 
If you've started, let this put your attention on the aspect of working on yourself, grow, learn, mature. The woman is your helper, to help you in the vision, the blueprint you have. Do you have any at all? Or you just expect her to be "wise and build her home"? On what? What did you lay down? Do you have a building plan? What are you doing about the plan? If you're doing nothing about it why are you raising the dust and say she's not "submissive"? Submit to what exactly? In what way are you motivating and encouraging her to?

Depression can set in for you, she'll be depressed, you'll be depressed, the love you have won't be enough. Be wise.

I'm not the one that started it o, it's a guy like you, a solid one at that, Brother Wilson Joel, @musicmagnate is his address here. ๐Ÿงก"

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