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Should An Upcoming Gospel Artiste Charge To Minister


Should an upcoming gospel charge for a particular amount before he/she minister?....

Hmm... You see talking about this question we have to look at it from the foundation.

Now "WHO IS A GOSPEL MINISTER:" A Gospel Minister is someone who uses his or her talent to worship, praise and spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ either by singing,playing instrument,acting and the rest just to glorify the name of our lord Jesus Christ....

Now talking about Gospel Minister you should know that we have upcoming and those that the world have already known as a great ministers.

Now someone will say if  Frank Edward should charged 1millionnaire just because he wanted to come and praise the same God I am worshipped,why can't I charge too?

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Our best view on this is that all these great ministers started somewhere too..they have been in your shoes too before the lord now upgraded them to higher place..Now you as an upcoming, to act like those ones is like trying to jump to another side of city without stepping on the bridge and which is impossible unless grace and divine miracles.

Now so Gospeltrender you are now telling me that i shouldn't ask for anything before ministration?

No,No,Noooo...Don't quote me wrong because earlier in the definition i gave of a Gospel Minister you will notice I actually emphasised on "TALENT" so you must definitely get paid on all your ministrations because the bible have already quote that "The gift of a man pave way for him" so you have to be paid ma/sir..

But you know as an upcoming gospel minister there are lot of things you have to always consider because spiritual work is a diligent work.

There are some people yes I know! that they won't even ready to paid anything after you ministers and this is why its very important to always have a clear conversation with the person that invites you about your payment but NOTE this as an Upcoming Gospel Minister don't impose that this is the amount you must collect before you minister.. It will be very important if you heed to this advice.

Keep going,Keep Moving,Dont stop,Its just a matter of time,You will get there.

Don't forget to share it to other people someone might need this too.

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