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Must Read:This Frank Edwards Story Will Shocked You.

How I Made A 5 Tracks Album And Gave It Out For Free.

Frank Edwards-Gospeltrender

Recently the veteran Gospel Singer Frank Edwards also known as Frankrichboy took his instagram page to share how he made 5 tracks album audio CD and gave it out for free as Christmas gift to people.....

He Says "Shortly before my 1st album definition 2009 , I made a 5 tracks Christmas Album and what you see here is the album cover☺️ after producing the songs I saved money to print 1000 copies and it wasn’t for sale .. after every church service I’ll go to the exit door and I’ll be giving people for free as they were leaving the church & I rejected anyone who tried to pay for it . I just wanted to give them a Christmas gift and to hear my music."

#Hmm!Everyone Has A Story To Tell

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