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How To Lead Praise And Worship.

Tips In Leading Praise And Worship.

Often times most people feel awkward leading praise and worship in an congregations thinking there are set of people specially for this...

Yea! There maybe some talented people in this aspect, but you too can build yourself in leading praise and worship in any congregation.

We give this tips as a fundamental in leading praise and worship, whichever you can as the spirit leads you.

1. Start by making the congregation stand. It's a sign of respect and surrender to God.

2. Share a short exaltation or scriptural verse. Maximum of 2mins. You are not there to preach.

3. Sing with your eyes opened. It helps you monitor the service especially the congregation and time.

4. Sing popular or congregational songs. You are there to lead and not to do a solo.

5. Avoid changing songs quickly. Its not about changing of songs.

6. Sing every song for at least 3mins before u change to another.

7. Be sensitive to the spirit. (Rom. 8:14)

8. Make room for the congregation to express their worship also.

8. Focus and be active on stage as your involvement will have a great impact on the congregation.

9. Allow for a minute silence during the worship session. It gives room for God to speak clearly to His children. If you are boring on stage the service will be boring as well.

10. Pray a short prayer after the Worship session.

We will be very grateful to view yours opinions and more tips on this by leaving your comments.

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