My Grass To Grace Story- Tope Alabi

Gospel Singer Tope Alabi Shares Her Unbelievable Grass To Grace Story!

Award winning Gospel singer, Tope Alabi, has not always had it rosy even though she is blessed with one of the most powerful voices in the gospel music industry.
The singer has shared her grass to grace story and it is one that will surely inspire you.

In a recent chat with Punch’s Saturday Beats,
Tope revealed:
“I have been through thick and thin in this industry and I thank God for everything.
Things have not always been rosy for me especially when it comes to gospel music. The major hindrance gospel music faces is that people do not want to help gospel musicians and this is very discouraging. If you go to meet anyone to help you to finance your project, no one would be willing to help out.
Also, it is not easy receiving songs from God, putting them together coupled with the fact that you don’t have enough money to go to the
“I have been in situations whereby I would beg churches before I could perform for free. If God was not with me, I know what would have happened to my career. Even this programme that I am showcasing, it is only my husband and I that are funding the concert. Things are easier for secular musicians as they can easily find sponsors for their events but no one wants to put money down for a gospel show. I don’t know why they don’t want to promote the gospel of God. There were days I would go for three days’ church programme and sing my heart out and after the event, the organisers would just tell me to go home that they would send money to my bank account but I would never receive any alert. That is how I started; I was just managing in life until God decided to bless me. I bless God for bringing me to this level and I want to say a big thank you to Him and that is the essence of the concert I am staging.”
Speaking on her concert, “Praise the Almighty,” the singer told Saturday Beats that the annual event is aimed at thanking God for all he has done.
Speaking on one of the guest artistes, Evang.Ebenezer Obey.
“There was no problem in inviting Ebenezer Obey to be a part of the programme because he is my father but that does not mean that I will not appreciate him. He is a man of God whose door is always open when it comes to Tope
Alabi. I would say that it takes the grace of God to know such people. It is a privilege,”

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