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Social Medias Is Not Fake- Shola Allyson

Recently Female Gospel Minister took her Instagram share her views on Social Media e.g Facebook,Twitter,Snapchat e.t.c been fake as other people says, Read What She Said Below.......

Shola Allyson

Shola Allyson "No, I don't agree!
Social media is not all fake. It has to do with who you are and what you want; these determine who you follow, and who you follow colors your bias or impression about it all.
I am not fake. Many people are not. I get much blessed and helped by many others on social media. I use my platforms to be a blessing, in all. I am REAL. I express my weaknesses and strengths, many times I have to write some stories that I'm not even proud of, just because, having known purpose for me, I release myself, to allow the healing stream through me, to flow by the telling of my own healing process to others, who have been hurt as I was.
I show my face with and without makeup, I post pictures with and without filter. I tell stories that are sweet and not. Any platform I have is a matter of destiny for me.
Many encouraging feedbacks I get from the posts I sincerely put up, of deliverance from mindsets, of growth, of light shining, of healing, especially for those who are BROKEN, those whose journeys are similar to the roads I've walked; still walking... Social media is a tool that can be used for proclaiming what you represent.

I disagree. Everyone on social media is not fake! It is like a stage, a platform, a pulpit, from where one spreads their beliefs and convictions. As there are fake platforms and pulpits, so there are fakes everywhere.
Social media is a reality of the times we are in, and we can use ANY and EVERY platform we have to sell our truths. It is who we are and the lens we wear in our minds that determine how we see it all. 😎😎"

What  do you have to say?

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