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Must Read: Nathaniel Bassey- Heartbreak To PraiseBreak-2

From Heartbreak To PraiseBreak-Part Two

 Nathaniel Bassey- Heartbreak To PraiseBreak

This is continuation of Heartbreak To PraiseBreak by Gospel Minister Nathaniel Bassey,Read Part One Here

5. I wish I can shout πŸ”ˆ this from a roof top. PLS DON’T TRY TO PROVE ANY POINT TO YOUR EX. If you have thoroughly gone through levels 1-4, The Holy Spirit would have done so much work of transformation within you. And while in the stage of appraising your life and ready to make adjustments and upgrades, it would never be to prove a point to your ex or people. Many have made hasty decisions in the flesh including making bad marriage choices, career, business, relocation choices etc all because they wanted to prove they too can “marry” and be successful. If you truly yield to God’s work, you will come out with one attitude —— , GRATITUDE! And like David say, it was good that I suffered...” Psalm 119:71. 

6. This is important... So you can move on and begin a fresh start, BREAK TIES and contact with the Ex, if possible. This is not malice. But this is perhaps for the time being so you can really put closure on things. A time will come when you are able to relate without any sort of attachments and emotional ties. Many wonder why they can’t seem to move on, and when you look, you find certain connections still active. Messaging on social media etc. 

7. When you begin sensing a leading into another relationship this is what you should do, PRAY. When you meet someone and begin having feelings for them, that is not a green light for another relationship. That feeling says to you IT’S TIME TO PRAY. Remember feelings are also internal chemical reactions. And Trust me, if you went through what I went through, you don’t ever want to enter casually next time😌. 8. And when you meet that right person, and see what you went through and what God has done, you’d give him a praise breakπŸ•ΊπŸΎπŸ’ƒ. You also won’t compare this new person with the other. Because you have been HEALED, FREE & GROWN. And if the heartbreak was a terrible one, the kind that could be described as evil done you, you would come out feeling Compassion for the other person, rather than Bitterness.
And just to add, one way to forgive also, is PRAYING for the other person. It’s tough, but a mystery that works miracles.
Hope this blessed you πŸ™‚πŸ‘

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