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How To Stop Sex And Enjoy Your Relationship Till Marraige.

Sex is sweet, it is enjoyable, everybody likes it, but the value of sex is only truly experienced in marriage.

No matter what you seem to enjoy pre-maritally, it kills love instead of nurturing it. Fornication is sweet but your destiny is sweeter. Marriage is honorable when the bed is not defied, you may be having fun but in essence you are only preparing for the fun-HELL.

It can be stopped; you don’t have to break that relationship because breaking the relationship does not really solve the problem. You might still continue this in the next relationship you may enter.

Sex outside marriage or before marriage open invisible doors for the devil to come into your life to strike later in life.

Once started it is difficult to stop, but it can be stopped.

It is wrong to practice it outside marriage; it is not valued at all. It does not make your guy love you even better neither does it make your girl love you more. Rather it kills love if you don’t try to stop it.

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Once started it is difficult to stop, but your desire to stop it has half solved the problem.

Breaking the relationship does not stop it you might even loose because that man or girl could be divinely meant for you. Not seeing the guy or keeping away does not either, the question is; when you now see each other what happens? Not sleeping in his house does not stop it, you can visit him in the afternoon and still have sex.

Let me show you how you can truly stop sex and revive and enjoy your relationship more till you are married when you can now tie her if you want and make genuine guiltless love countless times and become more intimate with the God and His blessings.

The first step to stop sex in your relationship is: believe it is wrong outside marriage. Don't feel it is impossible to do without. It is possible to stop.

Prayers and fasting does not stop it; what stops it is renewing your mind with the word of God daily. You can fast and the next thing you are on it.

Refuse to be guilty if you have done it don’t hate yourself God loves you he wants to help you because you cannot help yourself, can't you see all your strategies have failed.

The moment you feel like doing it, don’t consider, don’t think just flee from it. Don’t explain, Escape.
You must flee because sex is stronger than you; the only thing it respects is FLEEING. Joseph fled to escape potiphars wife. Great men and women have fallen to it and are still falling; you can’t afford to fall again.

It is not normal it is abnormal; don’t pay attention to it in their thoughts. The moment you think of it CAST DOWN THE IMAGINATION IN THE NAME OF JESUS. David was a man after Gods own heart, He heard Gods voice but still fell to it, because He entertained it in his thoughts. You are what you think.

I am not saying it will not come, it will, may be even today but CAST DOWN THE THOUGHTS IN THE NAME OF JESUS IN FAITH.

Change the way you see sex in your mind and renew it by reading the bible daily and you will see that your girlfriend and yourself would begin to make progress. It takes the two of you and God (his word) to make it. You will make it in Jesus Name.


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