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Michael Smith: How I Missed A Major Flight But God Had Other Plans.

Michael Smith How I Missed A Major Flight But God Had Other Plans ( My Testimony)

Popular Christian singer Michael W. Smith recently shared how a “divine interruption” led him to a surprise conversation with an Uber driver who truly needed to hear the gospel.

It’s a powerful story about how God uses life’s bumps and barriers for His purposes.
As it turns out, Smith was recently at the airport in Atlanta, Georgia, preparing to head out to perform with his band in South Africa. But a surprising roadblock stopped him in his tracks.

“I get to the  airport in Atlanta and the lady behind the desk says … ‘I’m not putting you on the plane,’” the singer said in a recent YouTube video. “‘You don’t have an empty page in your passport.’”

Smith, who travels quite a bit, was surprised that they wouldn’t let him travel — and the entire scenario was especially problematic seeing as his bandmates were already on their way to South Africa without him.

“I’ve never done well with … ‘I’ve got a plan and all of the sudden my whole plans are messed up’” Smith admitted, nothing that an incident like this would have left him “ticked off” in the past.

But this time was different.

“I was so at peace about the whole thing,” he said. “I thought, ‘God, you must have somebody I’m supposed to meet.’ I sort of embraced it.”

Watch Smith reveal what happened next:

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