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Must Read: How Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Handled Accusation Against A Pastor In His Days

How Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Handled Accusation Against A Pastor In His Days

During Babalola's time, one of his followers was accused of impregnating a lady, the whole camp was so angry with the said father.

The elders met and decided to suspend the Pastor while investigation was on, Babalola didn't say anything while the noise was on, he just watched.

The pastor was suspended despite denying ever touching the woman though she was very close to him like she was to every young minister around Baba.

After the meeting, Babalola was asked to talk but instead he prayed, here is the exact word he said during prayers...' FATHER, you have hidden this things from me, I know you know why, I dare not question you on why you didn't show me this but my FATHER, I thank you for allowing this to honour your name.
My FATHER one who is CLOTHED in fire, I want the child in this womb to be a boy, I want him to look exactly like the person who impregnated her and to be born in this very place where we have met to decide the fate of your servant because I don't know the truth on this matter.'

He went on to thank God for the said minister, the safe delivery of the child and that God should keep everybody alive till the day of the child birth.

The lady involved kept bold face still while the Pastor kept crying he has never touched a woman in his life based on Oga's word (they called Babalola Oga in those days).

Days, Weeks, months after, Babalola was back in Ibadan, 194×, the midwife came to call him that a woman was finding it difficult to deliver, he prayed into a bottle of water and asked them to give to her.

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Boom, it was a baby boy, with 2 birth marks, four fingers on his right hand, big navel and a severed left ear.

The same place where the case was delivered, no DNA but he looks exactly like the elder who was at the forefront of accusing Babalola ally.

Everyone who saw the baby said this is elder Lagbaja carbon copy, the news was everywhere, elder got to know and he was about doing Usain Bolt, he was apprehended and brought before others... he revealed that the Pastor caught them while they were making love and they pleaded with him not to tell Baba but he insisted that he wouldn't cover them up.

While they were still thinking of what to do, it was discovered the lady was pregnant, so they made up the story.

This is one event I will never forget as the father who told me this said, that day everybody began to fear God more in the life of Babalola.

The baby died some months later while the elder stormed out of CAC to start his denomination though the church never took off before he died.

The Pastor went on to live a very fruitful life, he died few years ago, even above 100, he had the strength of a young man.

An Extract From My E-magazine...@ Joel

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