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There's a relationship between your eyes and the realm of the spirit says Apostle Joshua Selman

Mystery word teacher, Apostle Joshua Selman, in one of his jaw dropping teachings on accessing overwhelming depths in the realms of the spirit shared a very effective method of supplicatory prayer.

This praying method involves writing down your supplications, and prapray in tongues with your eyes open.

 According to him, "We just do things at random, no divine directions". As he said, when you indulge in this kind of prayer, God will speak to you.

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The way in which God speaks is not specified - because he is not a one way traffic - this is why we should be conscious of the ideas and urges we feel after indulging in a prevailing prayer session, this is because God might be speaking through them.

Try this method of prayer today, and share with us your testimony.

God be with you.

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