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Audio: Feranmi Abidemi Ft. Beejay Sax –Keresimesi

Download Mp3 Keresimesi By Feranmi Abidemi Ft. Beejay Sax

FeranmiAbidemi glides into the terrain of the fearless as he releases his debut Single, Keresimesi Feat. Beejay Sax and Produced By Amb.Wole Oni.

The twelve year old chose a very apt moment, the season of Love, the season of Christmas, to dazzle the world with the youthful verdure in his rendition.

It is easy to assume that a child artiste would avoid a song that had existed years before he was born, but Feranmi “took the Saxophone bull by the horn”, and brought a new school, smooth jazz approach that leaves both the young and the old craving for more of it over and over again.

In his words “this is just the beginning of a new beginning for my audience and I”.

KERESIMESI, produced by the Amazing and exceptional Producer, who is also a Yamaha Ambassador to Africa, Wole Oni.

You will love every bit of it. Please, download, listen to it, love it and share it.

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