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Must Read:Not Forgotten,Jonah in Pakistan

As a young man, Jonah’s search for God led him to a jihadi training camp where he was taught how to kill. As he continued his search and studies, he eventually found a Bible and miraculously placed his faith in Christ, later leading his uncle and several other family members to Christ as well.

Yet some of his family condemned his new faith, making Jonah eat separately and threatening to shoot him if he did not return to Islam. Then, in September 2006, the threats became a reality, as masked gunmen entered the shop where he was working and opened fire.

Although Jonah’s left arm required amputation, he survived against all expectation.
When a Voice of the Martyrs worker met him in 2007, he arranged to provide Jonah with a prosthetic arm to help him continue his work of preaching the Gospel in northern Pakistan.
Recently, a VOM worker reconnected with Jonah, visiting him in his small rented room, and found that his passion for evangelism had not waned since the attack. While his family continued to pressure him to leave Christianity after the shooting, Jonah boldly shares the Gospel wherever he goes.

Knowing that some Pakistani Christians decide to leave the country after facing opposition for their faith, the VOM worker asked Jonah if he ever thought about leaving Pakistan. “Why should I?” said Jonah, who has served as a frontline worker for more than 10 years. “If I experience persecution, I just move on to a new area. There are plenty of places in Pakistan that need the Gospel.”

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Noticing that Jonah’s prosthetic arm was quite worn, the VOM worker offered to provide him with a replacement. Jonah told him he’d rather have the funds to spend on evangelism materials.

The VOM worker has since arranged for Jonah to have both a new prosthetic arm and more tools to help him share the Good News.

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