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Tope Alabi – Biography Of Evangelist Tope Alabi, An Anointed Gospel Singer

Tope Alabi is a Nigerian gospel singer, soundtrack composer and actress. She began her acting career right from secondary school, before she discovered her talent for singing.

Right now, Evangelist Tope Alabi has released 11 albums and made more than 1000 soundtracks and signature-tunes for Nollywood movies. Together with her husband, they established the Mardebra Comforter Foundation,

Tope Alabi Background
Patricia Temitope Alabi was born on 27th October, 1970 as the only daughter. She was born to Pa Joseph Akinyele and Madam Agnes Kehinde. Tope hails from Yewa, Imeko of ogun State, and she grew up in an environment with strict discipline from her mother.

She attended Oba Akinyele Memorial High School and obtained her West Africa School Certificate (WAEC) in 1986. Then, she proceeded to the Polytechnic Ibadan where she studied Mass Communication and graduated in 1990.

Tope Alabi Early Career
With the initial dream of becoming a star actress, Tope joined a theatre group in secondary school. She joined the Jesters International group in 1983 and was acting with Papilolo and Aderupoko. She also worked with Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Ibadan between 1990 & 1991. Later, she worked with Centre-spread Advertising Limited, Lagos in 1991 – 1992.

Later, she got back into acting and joined Alade Aromire Theatre group in 1994. In Alade Aromire Theatre group, Tope discovered her talent in singing and making soundtracks for movie productions.

Today, she is referred to as the pacesetter of soundtracks in Yoruba home video industry.

Personal Life
Tope is married to Soji Alabi who is also her manager and producer. They are blessed with children. Her hobbies also include; watching movies, watching table tennis, going on vacation e.t.c

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Music Career
Tope came to limelight in 2000 after releasing the debut album Oore ti O Common. This album brought her fame and also earned her the moniker Oore ti o Common and Agbo Jesu. Prior to that, she had released two albums – Ikoko Dudu and Baba Iwo la k’epe.

However, she did Oore ti o common (uncommon favour) first as a cover of a makossa hit before changing it to a gospel song in 2000. She also did some soundtracks such as Adake dajo, Angeli Mi and many more.

Tope has released eleven albums. The latest album, The Spirit of Light, 2019 was done in conjunction with the popular songwriter and photographer TY Bello. According to Tope, the album was not planned, the duo just wanted to worship God, but things turned around and it became an album. For instance, one of the tracks, Logan ti o de broke the internet within few hours of release.

The eleven albums include;

Oore Ti O Common, 2000
Agbara Olorun & Agbara re Ni, 2005
Kokoro Igbala
Angeli Mi, 2007
Agbelebu, 2012
Alagbara, 2012
Oruko Tuntun, 2014
Yes & Amen, 2018
The Spirit of Light with TY Bello, 2019

Tope Alabi Songs
Ore ti o Common, 2001
Iwe Eri, 2003
Agbara Re Ni, 2005
Agbara Olorun, 2006
Jesu Olurapada, 2007
Angeli Mi, 2007
E gbe ga, 2007
Nigbati Mo Ro, 2007
Kokoro Igbala, 2008
Kabiosi, 2010
Agbelebu, 2011
Adake Dajo, 2012
Orun Oun Aye, 2012
Kape L’aye,
Alagbara, 2012
Oluwa O tobi, 2012
Eru Ogo, 2012
Eyin Oluwa, 2012
Agbelebu, 2013
Mo Mope Wa, 2014
Oruko Oluwa, 2014
Oba Aseda, 2014
Oruko Tuntun, 2015
Mimo L’oluwa, 2017
Omo Jesu, 2017
Gratitude, 2018
Ta Lo Dabi Re, 2018
Halleluyah, 2018
E ba Mi Ki, 2018
Yes & Amen, 2018
Mo Sope, 2018
God The Almighty, 2018
Olorun Ni Yo Ma Je, 2018
Iyin Ye o, 2018
Awa Gbe o ga, 2019
Logan ti o de, 2019
Kabi o Si, 2019
Emi Mimo, 2019
Imole De, 2019
War, 2019
Angeli, 2019

Tope Alabi Gospel Vibes
Tope Alabi and her husband Soji runs a music label, Tope Alabi Gospel Vibes. Under this label, they organise event and concert where a lot of people come to worship God. One of the worship concert is the annual Praise The Almighty Concert.

Also, they established the Mardebra Comforter Foundation, a subsidiary of the Gospel Vibes. Through the foundation, Tope and her husband cater for orphans and the less-privileged.

Award And Recognition
Some of her awards and recognition include;

  • Gospel Artiste of the Year, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, 2015
  • Best Soundtrack Artiste of the Year, City People Movies Awards,
  • Proclamation Award, New York State Senate, 2016
  • Award presented by Gospel Promotion Outreach, Orioke Baba Abiye Ede.

Tope Alabi Quotes
My burning desire is to lead my generation into the very act of worship, worshipping the Lord in spirit and in truth.”

“Sometimes, it is necessary to have a taste of what it feels like to be an ordinary woman on the street.”

“When someone is not free to do what they feel like doing, like every other person on the street, it causes depression which can even lead to death.”

“Living a fake life can lead to indebtedness as some celebrities always want to meet up to a certain standard.”

“If you want to introduce Jesus to people, you have to look good. If you want to tell people that Christ is a good saviour, the first thing they would look at is your appearance.”

“There is a difference between what you like and what God wants you to do.”

“Everybody wants to win. But, there can only be one winner.”

“Gentle people may be stubborn but it usually helps us to achieve certain things.”

“Whenever God tells me to record an album, he always tells me how to go about it.”

Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Life Of Tope Alabi

Before any performance, Tope ensures she adequately prepares. According to her, as a gospel minister, the duration of her prayer depends on what God dictates. “If he says I should pray for ten hours before a ministration, I would gladly heed his instruction.”

She would only perform after she must have prayerfully prepared.”

Sensitivity to one’s environment is one of Tope Alabi’s strengths. Overtime, she discovered the best time God talks to her is in her moment of quietness, or sometimes on stage during ministry. As a result, she never goes to relax without her pen and paper right beside her.

Never Give Up

At some point, Tope was striving to be heard. While acting, she’d spend time on location and not appear in a single movie. When she began to sing too, she had released two albums which didn’t sell. But the moment she released Oore ti o Common, Tope shot to limelight.

Imagine if she gave up. Success does not just happen. Sometimes, you will face rejection and failure. Persevering and not giving up is all you need to wait it out.

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