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Audio:Debby O – He’ll Come Through + Lyrics

Download Mp3 He’ll Come Through By Debby O

Debby O – He’ll Come Through + Lyrics

Seasoned gospel music minister DEBBY O drops a miracle song titled “HE`LL COME THROUGH”

There comes a time in everyman’s life, When you are faced with the challenges of life…

Yours might be financial, marital, health challenge, childlessness, unemployment delay in marriage, lack of admission into school, and so on and so forth, Now hopelessness starts to set in, you want to throw in the towel

I have this message for you ; just hold on a little longer; no matter the circumstances hang in a little longer,

For we have an advocate who is completely familiar with what we go through, For He sees, knows and feels whatever challenge we might be going through, or that might come our ways.

For he was hundred percent (100%) man and God! So he will not leave us comfortless, unattended to, He will make away and He will surely come through for you, Even this year, he will come through for us, That situations will surely end in praise

I see testimonies Over that circumstances!


He'll Come Through Lyrics By Debby O

He’ll come through

(Debby O.)


Thank you Jesus

For you are my unfailing God

You have never failed me before

And you won’t not

No you won’t (yeah)


At the Stand point where,

nothing ever seems to make sense…

That’s where I am

Right here, Right now

Things are fallen apart

like a flash

How do I pick it up again?

I have no clue;

So I cry

I cry.


One thing I know God

You will surely make away for me

One thing I know God

You will come through for me (2×)


Life might seems so tough

That we might find it hard to breath…

Things might seems so rough that we can’t figure what to do…

Life might seems so cruel that we don’t deserve what we get

Speak the word of life

Into your situations

And everything will change


I know God

He will surely make away for you

One thing I know God

He will come through for you (2×)









It doesn’t matter what comes my way

It doesn’t matter what the devil do

It doesn’t matter the raging storm

He’ll come through for me (repeat)

It doesn’t matter how dark is the night

It doesn’t matter how fierce is the battle

It doesn’t matter how long it takes

He’ll come through for me (repeat)


Yaágbó yaájù okùrin ogun

(The Great man of ages, the professional warrior).

Ògbeni níjà térù n b’oníjà (The Battle backup that fights in such a way that the owner of the battle gets scared.)

Òrán omo nísé fàyàtí

(The one that sends a child on errand and still follows him with so much confidence)

Jìgbin jìgbìn a wúwo máseé gbé

(Very Mighty & uncarriable)

Alápá kábi káre

(His hand is powerful over evil & good)

Ógbeni níjà térù nba everybody

(The defender that is feared by everybody)

What else can I say

You are a kingi kingi

You are my lord

My kingi kingi oo

When my enemies compass me round about

Maa so fún won pé

Moní Jehovah kan

(I will tell I have one Jehovah)

All dependable

All reliable


Yes you are God; He’ll come through for you oooo.

(chant written by chroma)

Though the vision may tarry,

You got to wait for it

Wait for it

For He will come through for you yeah

They that wait upon the Lord

Shall renew their strength

I know He will come through for me yea

Wipe your tears

Cry no more

Don’t give up

Don’t give in (yea)

I know if He did it before

He will do it against

Same God back then (ahaaa)

Same God right now

I know, yes I know he will come through for you

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