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Shropshire coronavirus man brought wedding forward to take honeymoon cruise on Diamond Princess

The vicar who conducted the wedding ceremony for the Shropshire lorry driver who has tested positive for coronavirus said the couple had brought their wedding forward specifically to take their honeymoon cruise on the Diamond Princess.

Alan Steele, 58, is being treated in hospital after testing positive for coronavirus while quarantined on board the cruise ship in Japan. His new wife Wendy, 51, is still on board.

The couple had got married in Market Drayton, where Mr Steele is from, on January 11 and were set to move in together in Wendy's home village of Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, upon returning from their Asian cruise.

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Reverend Jane Morris, vicar at Christ Church Little Drayton, said: "They were going to get married in the summer but they came to me just before Christmas and asked if they could bring it forward so they could go on this cruise for their honeymoon.

"He was living here but they were going to move down to Tettenhall once the dust had settled from the honeymoon.

Lorry driver Mr Steele and mental health nurse Mrs Steele were together four years before getting married and were delighted to involve their Rhodesian ridgeback dog Bean on their big day.

After holding the ceremony at Christ Church, the couple and guests celebrated at the nearby Four Alls Inn.

The couple's wedding photographer and friend, Amanda Reynolds, said it was ironic that their first dance at the wedding was to Never Tear Us Apart by INXS - but now they had been parted by Alan going into quarantine, with Wendy confined on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

She said: "I've been speaking to Wendy every other day since she left. They were both so excited, it's a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon.

"They were OK, they were staying safe, but then a few days ago she said they were stuck in quarantine. They're stuck in the cabin they have been allocated and just given food and drink when people come past.

"They're trying to make light of it though. Wendy smokes but is out of cigarettes so she said she might come home a non-smoker. And they're not getting much food so she said she might lose some weight. They are just an upbeat, happy couple."

Se added: "It's ironic really as their first dance at the wedding was to Never Tear Us Apart by INXS - and now Wendy is confined and might be for 12 days now, and Alan has been taken to hospital."

Amanda was a war photographer for the Royal Navy, and even snapped Prince William's wedding to the Duchess of Cambridge. She now lives in Tipton, and still takes photos at weddings. She was only too happy to help out her friend Wendy, who she met through mutual friends.

Indeed God Is Love !

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