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Winners Chapel members foil a Bomb attack in Kaduna

A social media user by name Destiny Onuoha shares how members of a Living Faith Church Sabon Tash Kaduna foiled an attempt by suicide bombers to blow up the church.

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Below is his narration

Made up my mind to be in Church this morning and whether the devil likes it or not I will surely be in Church. Not knowing that God in His infinite mercy will open my eyes once more to see the wondrous hands of His miracle. This young man came in and sat down a seat ahead of me with a duffle bag and in no time he immediately stood up and made his way out but we became cautious and one of us alerted the security to stop him, low and behold it was a bomb that was set in Church (Living Faith Sabon Tasha Kaduna) and another set inside a car in the church premises waiting for the service to close then he will strike it.
Let’s all have a reason to say “God I thank you for giving me a second chance”.This testimony was sent in from living faith church Sabo Kaduna Our God is too faithful to fail.

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