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Audio: O'femi Adedeji -Kole Tase -Prod. By CleSoundz

Download Mp3 Ko Le Ta Se By O'femi Adedeji

O'femi Adedeji -Ko Le Ta Se -Prod. By CleSoundz

O'femi Adedeji is an addict lover of God, a worshipper of the Most High with passion for the whole wide world to with one voice declare the greatness of Jesus.

He serves as one of the worship leader in the The Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Master's Court Parish, Ilorin, Nigeria.

"My desire is to ensure that the name of Jesus is famous and that every other name fades away. The drive behind sharing this is to consciously contribute to the body of Christ the grace I've obtained in the secret place,And I believe everyone listening to this music will get blessed."O'femi Adedeji

The world is in turmoil and almost crashing, one thing is certain, anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. 

What birthed this song was a confession in an encounter than the name of Jesus can never fail, it worked for David just at one shot, it didn't miss its target. 

Our role today is that the whole wide world will raise her voice and call on the name of Jesus and miracle will definitely happen.

Ko Le Ta Se Mean "It Can Never Fail" Download And Be Blessed.

Download,Listen,Share And Be Blessed.

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Kole Tase Lyrics By O'femi Adedeji

Verse 1

Alagbada Ina (The One clothed with cloak of fire)
Asoro ma tase ni o (is the same who speaks and it doesn't fail)
Mimi ogo Ola re (His Holiness, Glory, Honour)
Ko ma lafiwe o (has lost comparison)
Onise nla, (He's wrought mighty works)
Olowo nla (with His mighty hand)
Agbanilagbatan ni o (in saving absolutely)
Titobi re, Ore re (His greatness, His Goodness)
Ko ma lafiwe ooo (doesn't have similarity)


Ko le tase (It can never fail)
Lailai (never)
Oruko re ko le tase ooo (His name can never fail)

Verse 2

Your name is stronger than any name
Your power is greater than anything 


Ayin mayin nu ni (He's never praised amiss)
Awo lawoye ni (The One who we behold to live)
Oba Alafia ni (He's the Prince of Peace)
Atamatase ni (He's never shot amiss)
Awogbarun ni (Healer of numerous diseases)
Oba Arogunyo ni (Our King who rejoices in fighting our battle)


Call: When I call the name of the LORD
Resp: I'm perfectly healed
Call: When I call your name Jesus 
Resp: He'll arise for me
Call: When I call the name of Jesus 
Resp:I'll be victorious 


Ko le tase (It can never fail)
Lailai (never)
Oruko re ko le tase ooo (His name can never fail)


Lailai (never) Lailai o (never
Oruko re ko le tase ooo (His name can never fail)


Yagbo Yaaju (In the plain on the valley)
Okunrin Ogun (He's the mighty man of war)
Ajagun ma fi tibon se (Armless fighter)

At the mention of the name of Jesus 
Every knee must bow down
All tongues confess 
That Jesus is Lord 
To the glory of God the father


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