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Audio: Paul humble – Sauko (Prod. By His Kingliness) + Lyrics

Download Mp3 Sauko By Paul humble + Lyrics 

“Sauko” is a Hausa word that means “descend”. Seeing the display of God’s grace and mercy in my life, everytime I call on him, he answers.
I also realized that without Christ nothing would have been made. It’s his everlasting love and presence that keeps us going.

In a world where man has failed by going his own way, all in search of fame and worldly relevance, doing his thing and forgetting about the sacrifice that Christ has done. I got inspired and put this song together constantly as the Holy Spirit to constantly be in charge of every aspect of our lives so as not to miss our steps.

Sauko Lyrics By Paul humble

Everything depends on you
My father, my father
You’re the God of heaven and the earth
You made a way you made a way
Everytime am stuck in my situations
I call on you, I call on you
You never fail me
You never fail me
That’s why I rely on you
I rely on you
Baba sauko ka share hawaye na
Baba sauko ka nuna mini Hanya
Baba sauko ka share hawaye na
Baba sauko ka nuna mini hanya


The world has changed

People hating one another
Nation against Nation
Broken homes everywhere
Hatred everywhere
Children are crying round the streets
This is what we see
So I took a stroll down the lane
Then I see so many difficulties
This is the life we live
So BABA sauko…
Baba sauko, ka share hawaye na
Baba sauko ka nuna mini Hanya
Baba sauko Ka share hawaye ne
Baba sauko ka nuna mini Hanya
Mercy follow me
Favour follow me
All the days of my life
My life, my life(2x)

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