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Audio: S.Gold - Remember And Lyrics

Download Mp3 Remember By S.Gold And Lyrics

S.Gold - Remember And Lyrics

After dropping Powerflow a spirit filled song that has blessed so many souls, S.Gold has never stopped dropping the message given to him by the holyspirit through song and here he comes out with "Remember".

Remember is a Song of Prayers,A cry For Help,Freedom and Deliverance in which will trigger your spirit in praying,crying and holding on to God alone.

Remember Me Lord, You need to have this song in your playlist.

Download,Listen,Share And Be Blessed.

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Remember Lyrics By S.Gold


Remember me Lord
Answer my Prayers Heal
In my Wounded Soul 
Satisfy me.

Remember me Lord O, Answer My Prayers 
Help My trouble Soul, Come Rescue me.
Come be my Jehovah, Come be My Comforter,
Come be my Defender, Change my story, 

Come be my Jehovah 
Come and be my comforter oh 
Come be my provider, satisfy me 
let me overturn And overflow...


Remember me Lord, Answer my prayers 
Heal my wounded Soul, Change my story, 2x)

Remember Me Lord, Answer my Prayers 
Heal my Wounded Soul, Satisfy me come be my Jehovah, 
Come be my Comforter, Come be my Defender 
Change my story. 

Come be my Jehovah 
come be my comforter 
Come be my defender, satisfy me. 

Remember me Lord 
Answer My Prayers 
Heal my wounded Soul 
Change my story. 

Remember me Lord 
Answer my prayers 
Save my woulded Soul, Satisfy me. 

Come be my Jehovah 
Come be my comforter 
Come be my defender 
Change my story, 

Remember me Lord 
Answer my Prayers 
Save my trouble Soul 
Come settle me. 


Give me Miracle, Silent my Enemies........
Give me a Miracle, Punish My Enemies,

Give me a Miracle Disgrace My Enemies. 
Let my Mokery End, let my swagger change oh lord.


Give me a miracle, Silent my Enemies (8x).

Oh Lord
Come be my Jehovah 
come be my comforter, 
come be my defender 
come Settle Me. 

Take away my yokes and Pain,
Break my yokes and Shame lord (2x) 

Give me a miracle silent my enemies (2x) 
Give us a miracle silent our Enemies 2x!
Give me a miracle silent my enemies

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