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A Wounded Heart

For I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded and stricken within me.
— Psalm 109:22 (AMPC)

Is it wrong to have a wounded heart? No, a wounded heart is not wrong, but if you have one, it’s important to be healed so you can go on. In Old Testament days, if a priest had a wound or a bleeding sore, he could not minister.

I think that today we have a lot of wounded healers. By that, I mean there are many people in the body of Christ who are trying to help others heal, but they still have unhealed wounds from the past. These people are trying to stop others from bleeding, but they themselves are still bleeding and hurting inside.

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Am I saying people in this situation can’t minister to people? Not at all, but I am saying they need to be healed. Jesus said that the blind cannot lead the blind, because if they do, they’ll both fall into a ditch. What’s the use of my trying to minister victory to others if I have no victory in my own life? How can I minister emotional healing to others if I still have unresolved hurts from my own past?

To really minister well, we need to go to God and let Him heal us first. We need to realize that God isn’t looking for people to try to heal others while they’re still hurting. He wants people with wounds that He can heal, who will then go and bring healing to others. God loves to use people who have been healed from hurts and wounds, because no one can help a hurting person better than someone who’s been healed from the same kind of pain.

Prayer Starter: Father, please show me where I’m hurting and need You to heal me. Thank You for restoring me so I can help others heal! In Jesus’s Name, amen.

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