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Audio: Aje Spice - Endless Love And Video Lyrics

Download Mp3 + Mp4  Endless Love By Aje Spice

Aje Spice - Endless Love And Video Lyrics

Nigerian gospel music artist, Aje Spice, releases a new single titled “Endless Love” for the listening pleasure of Christian music enthusiasts. 

Endless Love is a worship song written in English, Pidgin English (Nigeria broken English) and Igbo (a language from South Eastern Nigeria). It’s all about the special love of God in our life. No matter the situation we are going through in life, He is always there to show us His Endless Love.

Download,Listen,Share And Be Blessed.

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Endless Love Lyrics By Aje Spice


Sweet Jesus,Precious saviour 
Your love for me nor dey end ooh /2*
When dem dey talk say things go dey rough 
And dem dey laugh say my life ego tough
Baba God you tight oh 
You dey make my life so tush  oh

When den talk say things go dey rough 
And den talk say my ego tough 
Odogunaya (the mighty warrior) you dey tight oh
You don make my life so tush oh 

Your love for me nor dey end  
E nor dey end, E nor dey end!
Your love for me nor dey oh, Say

E nor dey end oh, E nor dey end 
Your love for me , E nor dey end
Ohoh, E nor dey end 

Ebube(the strong man) E nor dey end 
Eze(king) E nor  dey  end 
Your love for me, E nor dey end 

E nor dey end oh, E nor dey end 
Your grace,E nor dey end 
Your favour,E nor dey end 
And your  kindness, E nor dey end 

That's why I lift your name today, higher 
I dey lift your name, higher 
Baba baba, I dey lift your name,higher
I dey lift your name,higher 

Any where I go,I go lift  your name,higher 
I go lift your name, Higher
Asia  Europe America,Higher
I go lift your name, Higher

Na you be the most high God I know 
So beautiful  so kind  oh
Agunechemba 1 (the  Lion that watches over the city) 
The greatest in all the earth 

I dey  lift your name,Higher
Ye  eh eh,Higher
Oh oh,Higher, Oh oh oh,Higher

E nor dey end, Your  love for me,
E nor dey end,You never fail,
E nor dey end ,You nor dey change,
E nor dey end ,Your  love is true,

E nor dey  end,Baba your promises,
E nor dey  end,They are yea,
E nor dey  end ,They are Amen ,
E nor dey end ,Your  love 
E nor dey end,Odoguodogu (the mighty warrior)

E nor  dey end,Na ya oh ohoh oh oh
E nor dey end ,Jesus 
E nor dey end,Na  only you 
E nor dey end ,Fit do this one
E nor dey end ,Your  love for me 
Your love for me ,E nor dry end

Eh  nor dey end  oh,E nor dey  end 
Say,E nor dey  end
Jesus ,E nor dey end
Your faithfulness ,E nor dey  end
Is everlasting ,E nor dey end
Eh ,E nor dey end

Short-Biography Of Aje Spice

Mrs Awanomere Ajuebitsi Esimaje formerly called Jemirieyigbe Ajuebitsi Esimaje and popularly known by her stage name "Aje Spice", she's a graduate of  Electrical/Electronic Engineering from Enugu State University Of Science And Technology Enugu State.

She started singing in her Church choir (Royal faith chapel which was pastored by Bishop Henry Saliu ) in 1992. She started  professionally in 2017  and her first album was released in Janurary 2018 titled "Lifted" with eight tracks and now she has released five new singles titled "Uncommon Favour",  "I'll Praise Him", "Perfect Name", "Life Assurance". and Endless love.

She's married with four children: two boys and two girls. Endless love is a very good song and pleasure for your comfort. Download, listen and feel free to share.

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