Harmony’s Sweet Sound

So let us then definitely aim for and eagerly pursue what makes for harmony and for mutual upbuilding (edification and development) of one another.
— Romans 14:19 (AMPC)

One day while I was teaching at a church, God gave me a great picture of what it looks like to live in unity with each other.

First, I asked the entire worship team to return to the platform, and then I requested them to sing and play a song of their choice. I knew, of course, that they would all choose a different song because I hadn’t given any direction on what song to play. As they sang and played, the sound was horrible! There was no harmony, because they were each doing their own thing. Then I asked them all to sing and play “Jesus Loves Me.” It sounded sweet, soothing, and wonderfully comforting.

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Disunity is like noise in God’s ears. But when we live in harmony, we produce a sweet sound. When we learn the value of each other and begin to work together in unity, God blesses our efforts (see Psalm 133:1-3), and we become a force to be reckoned with!

Prayer Starter: Father, I’m so grateful for the people You’ve put in my life. Thank You for giving me the patience and wisdom I need to live in harmony with them, so our lives can be a sweet sound to You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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