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A conversation with God

The sheep that are My own hear My voice and listen to Me; I know them, and they follow Me.
— John 10:27 (AMP)

It’s so important to remember that prayer is meant to be a conversation. When you’re praying, make sure to listen to what God tells you, either through His Word or His still, small voice in your heart (which will always line up with His Word).

Communication is a two-way street—it doesn’t consist of one person doing all the talking while the other does all the listening. The best conversations happen when both people are fully engaged in both listening and speaking. You may need to develop your ability to listen, but boy is it worth it when you start hearing the awesome things God has to say! He’s invited us into an authentic, intimate relationship with Him where we’re free to share absolutely everything.

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God is not someone we visit for one hour on Sunday morning and ignore the rest of the week unless we have an emergency—He is Someone we live with. He’s our home, our safe place, and we can be comfortable with Him.

Prayer Starter: Father, thank You so much that talking to You doesn’t have to be a ritual or formula! Today, help me to be aware and intentional to thank You for the blessings in each moment, and to listen closely when You speak. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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