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Testimony Of How A Herbalist Who Tried To Kill Me Died Instead Of Me - Anoymous

First of all, this testimony wouldn't have happened if I've not been living a sacrificial life of Holiness that honours and pleases God.

First of all, these are steps on how to grow Spiritually and stop being a baby Christian that's dependent on prophets and pastors till death
Believe! Hebrews 11:6 "For they who come to God must believe that HE is, and that He is a Rewarder of they that diligently seek HIM."
That is the very first step, to believe in YAHWEH ALMIGHTY our CREATOR and HIS Son that died to reconnect us back to HIM. It sounds too uncomfortably simple to many people. But this is not just the whole Truth, but also the essence of man on Earth. The fallen state of man makes it hard to believe without seeing, yet technology has proved to every sensible human being that the absence of Evidence is not an evidence of Absence at all. Consequently, technology has made wise people to believe that God truly exist and made them to submit to HIM wholeheartedly in holiness. While devil has also used it to further numb and dumb down the naysayers to prevent them from alligning themselves to receive the Immortality that the CREATOR of Humanity has promised us.

Pray! The second step is to pray without ceasing, as being mandated by our Lord Jesus in the Book of Luke 18:1. The first and most important Prayer that must be relentlessly and Sincerely prayed is that God should help you to love HIM above all things in this World, that Holy Spirit should take permanent Control of your heart, your thoughts and the Source of you thoughts, and that HE should reveal HIS Purpose of creating you to you and help you fulfill it excellently. I prayed this only for good 3 years.

Yield to the Holy Spirit! The final and most important step is to walk by Faith by yielding to the Holy Spirit leadings ,and taking actions whenever you are prompt to by HIM. This is the most difficult aspect for most Christians, because devil hold them back by deceiving them to think it is just their heart speaking. To grow spiritually, forget the difference and obey the Voice. As a baby, don't be enslaved/incapacitated/immobilized by thinking you must know the difference between Voice of God and voice of your heart before obeying to do the spiritually good. Let Philippians 4:8 be your guide on this. Provided what the Voice said is not against God or humanity, do it! It is the only Way to know GOD better, if you refuse to take steps and obey, you will never grow spiritually. This is why many remain dependent baby Christians till they die. To illustrate this, a I will share the testimony of my good friend who grew from a chronic sinner to a spiritual Christian Giant. He said he always experience strange dreams and oppression for sometime. Holy Spirit has been urging him to wake up and pray between 12:00AM to 1:00AM, but he thought is was just his heart speaking, because of his unconscious unbelieve.

Finally, a day came when he rose up, not to pray but to go and ease himself in the rest room. As he was about leaving his room, he most reluctantly yielded to the leading of the Holy Spirit to go closer to his window and look out. Just directly behind his window, he saw gathering of about 18 to 25 cats in circle behaving very very strangely in a way that words can never fully explain.

He rushed to carry anointing oil and shouted "JESUS!" as he poured it towards them. They scattered and never returned since that day. Ever since then till date, this my friend set his phone alarm and always prayed heavily between 12:00AM AM to 1:00AM now. His spiritual life grew very rapidly. It started by him remembering his dream and they come to reality. Later as he completely focused his heart on pleasing God and submitted to HIM in holiness, he started seeing clear visions. Fully yielding to control of the Holy Spirit, he prays for other people and they receive their miracles, etc.

Christians, Play Time is Over! Start Living Spiritually Before It's Too Late!

Don't live by sight as witches and wizard do, they trade their Right to receive genuine immortality, that awaits every human that pleases our CREATOR, for ability to see the spirit world by the help of demons that later destroys them.

Heaven-bound Christians are not meant to wait to see before exercising a Authority and Faith over this World.

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Few year ago, Holy Spirit (what many still call just the " voice of their own heart" ) told me to go on 3 Days dry fasting, starting a day before my Birthday and ending a day after. With some doubts as usual, I reluctantly obeyed. My phone was switched off for the 3 days. On the last day after breaking the fast, the very first call that entered my phone was from a man that was working with an herbalist that I did a Project for. I never knew that they lured with the big money to the project site for ritual purpose, and that by virtue of what the concluded I was not to witness my next birthday. The man that called was lamenting that they have been relentlessly and ceaselessly calling me since the previous Day (my Birthday), that now Baba has died on that Day! I was wondering what correlates. I severally tried to call him after them but he refused to pick.

Play time is over! I pity Christians that want to just lazy about with their spiritual life. In this so called modern World, the spiritual warfare has become fiercer than ever. Deceived souls that already sold their lives to Satan would destroy you without even batting an eye lid. It is too dangerous for a Christian not to hide himself/herself in holiness and Holy Spirit. Just permanently submit yourself to your CREATOR in holiness and believe/know that HE is already in full charge of your life.That thing you want to achieve, that high place you want to get to, HE has long passed their before it entered your imagination. So, submit to HIM and let HIS Will prevail to lead you to the fulfillment of your original glorious Destiny and the great Purpose for which HE created you! Acts 17:28 "For in HIM we live and move and have our being."
Any person, being, power or gathering that try to kill any of us true Children of the living YAHWEH shall die in our place in JESUS' Name!

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