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Agape Force Ministry releases September Edition of their Teens magazine.

Agape Force Ministry releases September Edition of their Teens magazine.

The Teens Magazine, is a monthly Christian publication proudly published by Agape Force Ministry-the Teenage arm of Church of God Mission Int. Inc. which is meant to edify teenagers and young adults to ensure that their mind is built up- preparing them for the bright future ahead of them. 

The articles are primarily based on the foundation of God’s Word which is the primary tool of growth for every Christian. It is therefore aimed at: the spiritual, physical, mental, societal and academic development of teenagers and young adults.

Last month's edition was themed "Faith over fear" which was meant to address the high level of fear in the hearts of our teenagers due to the current pandemic. This month's edition is themed: CAPACITY which is aimed at building the spiritual and mental capacity of readers; ensuring that they are prepared for the challenges of life ahead of them.

About AFM

Agape Force Ministry is a Teenage, non-denominational Ministry of CGMi saddled with the responsibility of grooming the next generation of leaders, men, women, youths, pacesetters and changers of this and next generation.

Connect With Agape Force Ministry

Facebook: Voice of Agape

Instagram: @voiceofagape

Twitter: @VoiceofAgape

Mail: [email protected]

Website: www.agapeforceministry.org

Voice of Agape (VOA) is the media team of CGMi Agape Force Ministry.

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