Audio: Apostle Joshua Selman - The Be-Attitudes

 Download Mp3 The Be-Attitudes Message By Apostle Joshua Selman

Audio: Apostle Joshua Selman - The Be-Attitudes

All truly great people do not derive their confidence and self worth from the abundance of external things that they have; cars, houses, certificates, achievements. As powerful as all these things are, no truly great man especially in the Kingdom, derive his self worth from the abundance of these things. That means that; When I buy a new shoe, when I buy a new cloth,, I feel more successful When the cloth spoils, I feel less successful. That’s a terrible way to live.

The true value of your life and my life is not in cars, in houses. So you must bring yourself to a point where.. Even though “I’m trusting God for a car, a house, to go abroad, increase membership, have children and so on and so forth”. My life and my sense of success cannot be defined by these things., you know why? Because th… You can’t afford to miss this powerful teaching!

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