Audio: Apostle Joshua Selman - Discerning the body of Christ

 Download Mp3 Discerning the body of Christ Message By Apostle Joshua Selman

Audio: Apostle Joshua Selman - Discerning the body of Christ

Mantles depend on certain atmosphere to work. I can receive a mantle. But if my mind is not developed, I will limit the access to that mantle finding expression. So I can function, and you may see me, and carry the anointing upon my life and produce more results. Because the anointing is coming on a body that is better prepared. Moses was a stammerer. So he could not manifest the prophetic anointing on him so much. But when that anointing came on seventy people, they could not stand.

That was what one man was carrying, yet he didn’t prophesy. The body of Christ has been vested with every dimension required to represent God. It’s up to you to choose what dimension you require to see in your life. If it’s not happening in your life does not mean it’s not happening. It’s always insulting when results are not happening in your life and are happening close to you. So you react with criticism, you react with resentment.

But the key is to find out what that person is doing. Someone sent me a text and said “Apostle, I want you to confirm this. It’s like the love of God is waxing cold in the body of Christ”. Guess what I told him, I told him that tr… You can’t afford to miss this powerful teaching!

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