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#SponsoredPost: How To Play A Lead Guitar Without Tutor Ebook.

Best Comprehensive Guide On Teaching Yourself Lead Guitar

How To Play A Lead Guitar Without Tutor Ebook.

 Hi Guys,

Here is another Essential Book you must have, This book teaches you "How To Play The Lead Guitar From Scratch By Yourself".

Do You Also Wish To Play The Guitar Instrument Perfectly?

This book teaches you as a beginner with well explained step by steps tutorials.

We are currently giving this book out on a giveaway price of #2,000, Later on it will cost more than this cos this book worth more than the price being currently sells.

This book contains "16 Solid Tutorials" 

Tutorial 1: Guitar Description and Maintenance.

Tutorial 2: How To Tune Your Guitar By Yourself.

Tutorial 3: Learn Major Scale and notes all over the fretboard.

Tutorial 4: Learn Chromatic Scale on Guitar.

Tutorial 5: Fingering Exercise 1.

Tutorial 6: Fingering Exercise 2.

Tutorial 7: Using Major notes to play songs.

Tutorial 8: Using Chromatic notes to play songs.

Tutorial 9: Using Notes to Play Songs.

Tutorial 10: Learn Easy Guitar Major Chords.

Tutorial 11: Learn Easy Guitar Minor Chords.

Tutorial 12: Learn Easy Guitar Chromatic Chords.

Tutorial 13: Learn Arpeggio (Breaking Chord) On Guitar.

Tutorial 14: Learn How To Create Guitar Rhythm.

Tutorial 15: Learn How to Score Songs.

Tutorial 16: How to be Creative as an instrumentalist.

Price: #2,000

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