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Shola Alyson-The Truth About Marital Life-PART 2

Shola Alyson-Gospeltrender

So Shola replied as people reacts to her previous post on "The Truth About Marital Life"

She says......"So, I got many DMs yesterday... Life is about choices. We all live with the effects of the choices we make.

None comes ready or perfectly made. We all evolve and grow, as long as we are open minded and teachable.

I've seen a written off young man who was a drunkard and tagged never-do-well evolve into a responsible and honorable man. You know what the eyes of his fiance that married him, despite all that, saw? The process must have been very hard to go through. But she made her choice! She "saw" something in him beyond the drinking and irresponsibility. And she was ready. She made her choice.

I know someone who married a "free-for-all" lady, and now they're cleaned up, touchéd, you won't even believe the story.

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Not everyone comes prim and proper. Many are from dysfunctional backgrounds. And they deserve to be loved too. And they evolve. They wise up, clean up. Even those from good backgrounds have their own baggages and require much growing too, many times. Everyone MUST evolve.

Life is about choices. Sacrifices.

Guy/GirI, I am not asking you to go headlong into a bad union forming destiny changer o! Sugbon, you'll sha have to choose your choice!

What we need to do is have brutally honest talks about who we are, our fears and weaknesses, our inner battles. Sensing butterflies in your belly is good but pay attention to the brain in your head. Life is more than butterflies and flowers. Mosquitoes and thorns too are part of the package!

You're weak with the opposite sex. You failed out of school. You tend to be laid back or outright lazy, discuss it. You can't take your hands off other people's money, discuss it. Then take STEPS to grow. Stop forming. Stop fronting.

I was living with an Uncle who was a chain smoker but whose girlfriend didn't know. She was always coming around and they were really "close" but she didn't know. I don't know where they are now but I know it would have caused big issues. 
Pay attention to your NOW needs. Pray for guidance to know your THEN needs. Make your choice. 

If you didn't have that talk before marriage because it didn't occur to you, you can still have it, with wisdom.

Help for us all!❤❤"

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