Audio: Apostle Joshua Selman - The Faith That Works

 Download Mp3 The Faith That Works Message By Apostle Joshua Selma

Audio: Apostle Joshua Selman - The Faith That Works

Your next dimension is the instruction you follow. The quality of your life here on earth is dependent on your understanding of what faith is and how it works. Faith is an equation/formula and the components must be complete for it to work.

Some corrections on the imbalances of faith.

1) It is popularly taught that faith is believing but it is not just believing. Believe talks about conviction/persuasion but it does not mean it will produce results for you. It is part of the process of manifesting faith but not all of it.

2) Faith is not just confession. The word confession comes from the Hebrew word “Homologio”. Confession is part of the pr…

You really need to listen to this powerful message!

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