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INTERVIEW: A Talk Session With Evangelist Lawrence Oyor

INTERVIEW: A Talk Session With Evangelist Lawrence Oyor

So we were inspired to share this with you an interview session of Evangelist Lawrence Oyor by Mary Macaulay of General of light.

Here’s the transcript of the interview…

Read through, learn and share!

INTERVIEWER- Thank you so much for being with us to have this discussion. I know you as a the man of God that sang bowl of fire.

I have also heard some of your teachings, but, I want you to tell us who are you. Who is Lawrence oyor?

LAWRENCE OYOR- Okay! I’m from a family of a clergy parent, four children. I’m a twin and based in Ibadan.

We have a ministry and the name of the ministry is GOD CHOSEN MINISTRY KINGDOM ASSEMBLY.

So we were born and breed basically in and around church. My encounter with God began around secondary school and I have never recovered up until now.

INTERVIEWER- Okay, you said that your encounter came from when you were in secondary school, around 12 years old.

So you know that when you just give your life to Christ, you become born again. How does one move from uncertainty to conviction?

LAWRENCE OYOR- Okay! For me and for many people who were born and breed from a Christian home. There’s a tendency for you to basically be doing things because that’s what you met and not because you have a personal conviction of those things.

What challenged me to have a personal conviction in the first place was a friend in SS1 and it was then things started getting really really real and like I said it started from this friend.

God just subjected it that I cried that night then because we were not really much and this friendship really challenged us.

He has been in Christ since the age of 4 and you know what that means! He had about a decade of intimacy with Christ and his utterances was real that his tongues was… And that was what he made us do.

Usually the best people to influence young people are young people. So I would say I was so depressed then because I see myself as someone normal while he’s supernatural.

This guy preached, and anytime he preached I gave my life to Christ. I gave my life to Christ at least three times under him. So that shows you I was uncertain.

So I was just wandering how his faith was so real and mine was so normal and I cried one night after a vigil that we had in school.

He came out, stretched forth his hand and said Lord Jesus told me earlier in the afternoon. So that voice was so real, he was hearing God voice, and i wasn’t hearing anything except my own voice.

Maybe I was probably hearing Satan voice. You know I was so normal! I mean so normal!! I was the kind of Christian that you press in the dream, wake up and shout Jesus. I was so Normal! Satan was having a wonderful time in my life.

That day he said JESUS told him to stretch forth his hand and those who are sick to come and touch him, his hand and they are going to be healed.

So I was like okay, what if it doesn’t happen and I watched people went to touch him and all manners of diverse miracles happened.

That night, I went to my room and started crying, crying, crying and crying that Jesus doesn’t know me, that he loves my friend more than me. It so much saddened my heart. I just felt so much jealous and frustrated.

Why is my life not like a child of God, like I don’t exist. You know, and on that day, Jesus gave the words of the scripture. PROVERB 8:17. I preached to someone all the time. (Proverbs 8:17 I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.)

So basically the Holy Spirit was just showing me, you know there’s God love for everybody. That’s unquestionable. That was what drove him to die on the cross for us.

He loves everyone of us, but that experiential love, that thing that makes you look like you are different from everyone else is the product of our yielding to that love, Receiving that love.

So this young man had been giving himself in response to the love of God and his life look so much like God and it look like God loves him more than me. God showed me his life, he showed me my own life.

It was twice every week I was eating his food and he was fasting. I can’t forget it! I can’t forget that. I ate his food every Monday, I ate it every Wednesday.

I was happy he was fasting, because I could eat his own food and eat extra and I was complaining that God was real to him. So it was really not God’s fault.

The day you start responding, you will journey from place of uncertainty to a place of conviction in the word of God. So that’s basically what my story was.

INTERVIEWER- So it is all about saying you are obedient. I know that all of us since we were crying that God I love you, God use me, let your hand touch me, let me be mighty in this world but some of us are staying in the same place and not responding to the call. Why?


LAWRENCE OYOR- A lot of people do not realize that talk is cheap. The Bible says those who seek me early shall find me early. And those who say use me, use me early. That’s not what he’s saying.

What he means is you are going to give yourself a price. A cost dimension of Christianity is not popular these days. In fact some people feel like if you’re preaching law, you are not realizing the place of Jesus.

There’s a cost! There’s a price to pay! You must make sacrifice. That was what I did to take away my foolishness at early stage.

The proof of grace is labor; grace comes upon a person who yields and not relaxes. So people can pray God use me early. Anybody can pray that.

INTERVIEWER- The grace gives us the strength to do more and not to be lazy. You speak a lot about the word of God and the word of God materializes in the spirit of a man for them to really grow in the word of God. So what does that mean?

LAWRENCE OYOR- That particularly was born out of a burden to not assume that we know what we are saying. A lot of people today are assuming that they have certain light.

For example!… A lot of people are assuming they know Christ as healer, until something happens to them or their child or someone around them.

And you see they don’t have that light. It’s just what you did, because you haven’t had such situation around you yet to prove whether you have it or not.

Some people don’t realize they don’t have certain light until the storm arises. So the burden for that emphasis is to get out of the path of assumption and make them ensure that they get the word of God into their spirit.

That’s the goal! To get the word, not just to give you some miracle. That’s not the real desire of God.

The desire of God is the word in your spirit because when that happen, it is automatic. Everything is on default, that light begin to work for the rest of your life.

So you don’t need to fake it or act it. It’s just natural in your default setting, so the process of getting to that point is meditation. Praying in the spirit and faster.

Focus on that light in the scripture and invest adequate time and energy. The Bible says “Give thyself wholly to things that thy profiting may appear to all”.

If you want to profit in a particular light, just give yourself wholly to it and then the profiting will appear to you.

So in a sense, we can see it like going to school and learning different subjects. Some people are good , better in mathematics and poor in English. Strong in biology and weak in geography.

So in a Christian journey, take note of the subject you are weaker. You don’t assume that because you are strong in mathematics, You are also strong in other courses.

And give yourself to the light that powers that dimension. The result will always show once you give your heart a breeding place to light.

The Holy Spirit can bring light to your heart through medication because praying in the spirit stirs us in the spirit. Prayer is very very important!. If you want to have revelation even if you don’t feel like then you really don’t know why we pray.

Nobody brushes their teeth because they feel like. They do it because there’s something to gain and something to lose for not doing that.

Because by the time your mouth begins to smell, you can’t stop it in one day. So basically because our heart is so set on the physical.

We don’t realize the implication of this same thing in the spiritual. We don’t give excuses in the more important things.

If you can have your bath for the past 10 years consistently. How can you say you could not pray consistently for a whole week. Yes the Holy Spirit energizes prayer and it helps to pray.

Let’s think about this. Muslim pray five time a day, some of them pray 30 years like that five times daily without the help of the holy spirit but they have discipline.

But here we keep clamoring holy spirit help me, help me, help me, the question is, who’s helping the Muslim to pray??

The Muslims don’t have revelation so is sad. They are not praying from revelation, but all because it is a duty to them, a devotion and that’s really commendable.

It is not even powered by revelation, nor by their love for their God. But just duty, devotion and discipline is what is powering them for decades consistently and believer can’t do five minutes.

We even preach it in church. You can start from three minutes, you don’t have to start from one hour. It is just obvious that all is not well with a lot of people and a lot of pastor!

INTERVIEWER- How do you store yourself out? Because I know that sometimes you can be in the secret place. And sometimes you can just stand by reading the word. How do you stay and remain in the secret place?

LAWRENCE OYOR- Once you have the light, it is not just a matter of feeling. You might not feel like your body is receiving anything but it is. It is receiving something.

Example of bathing now. Whether you feel like, your pain or your kind of soap. That’s not a question we ask. We just have our bath everyday knowing that to not be consistent in that, we have a consequences eventually. So basically there are consequence for not doing this.

Also, one of the proofs that you love God is consistent prayer. That is, your loyalty, your commitment to the secret place.

It is far beyond a feeling, It is responsibility. For instance, when you are in a relationship with someone, you don’t say I don’t feel like I love him/her today NO! you always do what needs to be done.

Sometimes, you feel like, some days you don’t feel like talking to any body, some days you just feel like being alone. That does not mean you don’t love the person. You are committed and responsible to the person.

The person must hear from you or else you are going to have a problem. And I think that’s easier because you can see the person, you can get feedback, but God is not going to necessarily barge you about that.

Some people go days and some times for some reason without fellowshipping with God. If your consciousness is alive and the spirit of God is active in your spirit. You should get those strong feelings.

So that’s where the burden of Christ is coming from up to the point that you can’t go a day without communing with the father. Some people will say it is until a year before they remember to pray.

INTERVIEWER- What advice would you give to young upcoming persons, minister of God in the journey like you?

LAWRENCE OYOR- Firstly, you must really know what you are saying. Whatever you are preparing, please make sure you know it because it is going to be tested.

Secondly, Identify the weak areas in your life. I know you are sincere, you just want to make God happy. So identify them, face them and sort those things out before you go all the way and then you become a reason for many to be discouraged.

And don’t cover things up because eventually it will come to the light. So deal with some of those things. Some people struggling with lust, while some are struggling with some other addictions.

This is the season to deal with those things. Deal with them, and I suggest that you fast. Fasting goes a long way to keep your flesh down and the word of God of course. David said I keep the word of God in my heart that I might not sin against God.

Thirdly, Don’t be in a hurry to be exposed, to make statement, or to prove a point. Don’t be in a hurry to be out there. There are somethings we cant do anything about now.

Basically I would advise a person who have a great dreams, wonderful aspirations to do for God.

I would advice them that right now, they should begin to lay the foundation for all the light that they will need in the future.

Don’t become the minister who will preach and after they clock certain age, they are down with one sickness and die.

You can lay the foundation to stop that now and that’s because once you get very busy with ministry. Usually, you don’t have time for all of these things anymore.

So this is the time to lay the foundation. Really really know God on those basic areas that is going to sustain you.

You need faith for finance. You need faith for your health. You need faith in your life. Do establish yourself in those light so as you go, so that those areas will not become a distraction in your journey.

Fourthly, I want to let young ministers, especially those who just got married to realize that family is very very important. So put your family before ministry.

Realize that the journey is a marathon. The way you are working now will determine a lot of things in the future. Ensure that your walk with Jesus is not hurt, is not harmed because of ministry.

Finally, I advice Young people to love the secret place more than anything. I don’t have any apology, in fact I suspect anybody who plays with my secret place.

So never allow whatever is going on in your life, in your campuses or ministry to affect it. Never allow ministry to take away from you the time you spend with the Lord. It must always be more than ministry place.

We’ve finally come to the end of the interview!

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